Air Conditioning Installations

Air Conditioning Installations by Home Energy Essentials are guaranteed to meet or exceed manufacturers specification. That’s important because we see too many new systems that fail to meet performance and efficiency standards. We offer no-contact Virtual Consultations for any air conditioning installation project.

How much does it cost to install an A/C?

When installing an A/C system, a better question would be how do you know if you’re getting what you paid for?
HERS Raters, that’s how. Our air conditioner installations are designed to meet or exceed the California Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards. We are a licensed heating & air conditioning contractor and Certified HERS Rater.

That means we can show you how much energy your current system is wasting. Testing the duct leakage, refrigerant charge, air-flow and power consumption to verify actual energy savings. We do this so you make a smarter investment in your new heating & air equipment.

What size air conditioner do I need?

One of the biggest mistakes a contractor can make is sizing air conditioning systems based on square footage or other “Rule of Thumb” methods. Houses are individually unique. They may have different levels of insulation, upgraded windows, solar panels. If you take one 1,500 square foot home in the desert and the exact same home built at the beach. There will be a huge difference in the heat gain of these two structures. Yet, most of our competition will start out with this shortcut and sell you a 3 ton air conditioner.

Oversize air conditioning equipment wastes energy, reduces comfort and will result in higher utility costs.

Home Energy Essentials is trained and experienced HVAC professionals. We insist on performing an accurate load calculation before sizing our air conditioning systems. We use the industry standard, ACCA – Manual J Load Calculation.

What brand air conditioning equipment should I buy?

Home Energy Essentials works with any brand of heating and air conditioning equipment. All air conditioner manufacturers make equipment that is designed to work in your home. They all have A/C models that come with a warranty. Some are marketed as “Premium” or “Budget” brands. Others are labeled as “the most reliable air conditioners on the planet”. The brand you choose won’t matter much if your new cooling system isn’t properly installed.

Air Conditioning Installation Essentials

Clean & Safe Installation:

During the installation of your new air conditioner we will need to be able to come inside your home. It’s kind of essential. Our technicians will be outfitted with the required personal protection gear needed to keep your family and home safe. Any personal safety concerns you have can be accommodated.

High-Quality Installation:

All of our air conditioning installations are completed to the manufactures specification, energy efficiency and local building codes. Then our technicians perform a full system start-up including making sure you pass your HERS Testing and Building Department inspections. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Complete Comfort System Support

Home Energy Essentials wants to be your HVAC professionals for life. Our full system installations are backed by a full 10 Year parts, labor and unit replacement warranty. Keeping your new heating & air conditioning system running like the day it was installed is easy with annual HVAC maintenance reminders.