Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance

The company you trust to perform Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance for your home plays a big part in your system’s reliability, performance and indoor comfort. Home Energy Essentials has a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement.

Our Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement Customers enjoy:

  • Comprehensive HVAC System Tune-Ups
  • 20% Discount on Parts, Cleaning and Repairs
  • Head of the Line – Priority Service


Keeping your home’s comfort system professionally maintained annually with Home Energy Essentials’ Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement is the best protection for long-lasting, reliable and efficient HVAC system operation. Avoid your next emergency service call by being proactive.


Comfort Systems are designed to run efficiently in the most extreme climate. There are many factors that can reduce the level of performance in a heating and air conditioning system.

  • Dirty Filters – Reduces airflow
  • Clogged Coils – Reduces airflow and ability to exchange heat
  • Dusty Blower Motor and Blower Wheel – Reduces airflow and increases power consumption
  • Leaky and restricted Duct Systems reduce comfort and efficiency
  • Refrigerant Charge
  • Equipment Installation


HVAC systems are rated at different tiers of efficiency from the manufacturer. A “Baseline” or entry level system is designed to run at your “Utility Rate – Baseline”. Systems rated above the baseline efficiency rating will usually operate under your utility baseline rates.

Comfort Systems are designed to perform efficiently in the most extreme climates. Normal operation can cause system components to get dirty or worn out. Installation issues cause too many systems to not run efficiently. Home Energy Essentials can setup your system to run efficiently and reliably all year long.

Health & Safety

Changing your air filter is something you can do to keep your equipment clean between annual maintenance. We will look for conditions that contribute to indoor air quality problems like; carbon monoxide, VOC’s, duct leakage, and proper ventilation and exhaust.

Life Extension

Having your heating and air conditioning system inspected annually will greatly extend the life of your system and reduce efficiency degradation.

Indoor Comfort

Keep your heating and air conditioning system’s parts and labor warranty active. All air conditioning equipment manufactures require to have your Air Conditioning System serviced annually by a licensed professional. Home Energy Essentials offers services, like seasonal air conditioning maintenance that meets or exceeds manufacturers specifications.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Steps

  1. Check thermostat calibration (turn on system in cooling)
  2. Monitor proper cooling system operation
  3. Evaluate quality of installation
  4. Check air filters – filter replacement supplied by homeowner
  5. Measure system air flow and fan watt draw
  6. Check air conditioning system refrigerant charge
  7. System shut down and electrical tag out; electrical inspection
  8. Inspect all electrical connections related to the air conditioning system
  9. Check indoor circulating fan components
  10. Visual inspection of indoor and outdoor coils
  11. Test stating components
  12. Test safety controls
  13. Measure supply / return air temperatures
  14. Test condensate drains
  15. Clean and/or replace standard air filters*
  16. Measure voltage and amperage

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Antioch CA 94509

Home Energy Essentials is dedicated to delivering all of our services at the manufacturers specifications. Our air conditioning maintenance follows the industry standard – Quality Maintenance of Residential HVAC Systems – ANSI/ACCA 4 QM – 2019 

Heating System Maintenance Steps

  1. Operate Thermostat
  2. Check Air Filters
  3. Inspect Blower
  4. Tighten Electrical Connections
  5. Check System Operation
  6. Evaluate System Installation
  7. Note Combustible Clearances
  8. Inspect Heat Exchanger
  9. Test Ignition Components
  10. Check Burner Operation
  11. Inspect Flue Clearances, Draft and Rise
  12. Verify Furnace Combustion Air Vents
  13. Check and Set Gas Valve
  14. Inspect Gas Piping
  15. Test Furnace Safety Controls
  16. Measure Temperature Rise
  17. Check Condensate Drain
  18. Vacuum and Wipe Down Equipment area and cabinet
  19. Report and recommend cleaning and or repairs to restore system performance and efficiency

Schedule your annual heating and air conditioning system maintenance check today.

Heating System Maintenance – $89

Air Conditioning System Maintenance – $89

Pre-paid Full System Maintenance – Just $149 per year

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